Wetwang staff

Staff responsibilities are listed in brackets. Those starred **are not directly employed by the school, but are still staff members as far as the school is concerned.

Executive Headteacher: Mr Peter Richardson (Designated Safeguarding Lead, Inclusion,  Behaviour, Assessment, Staff Development)

Senior teacher: Mrs Zoe Wood

Deputy Designated Safeuguarding Lead: Mrs Clare Gunn

Teaching staff

Mrs Emily Garton              Class 1 teacher (EYFS/Y1)

Mr George Millington        Class 2 teacher (Y2/3 Maths Coordinator)

Mrs Zoe Wood                  Class 3 teacher (Y4/5/6, English Coordinator)

Mr Chris Wood **              Sports Development Officer

Mrs Kim Rookes**           Music Teacher


Support staff

School Business Manager      Mrs Tanya Thurlow (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

School Admin Officer              Mrs Natasha Buttler


HLTA                                       Mrs Tracey Shier


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Heather Bollon, Miss Tracey Borrill, Mrs Suzanne Garland-Collins, Mrs Karen Patience,


Mid-day Supervisors    

Mrs Fairley, Mrs Garland-Collins 


Mrs Young

Breakfast/ASC Supervisors   

Mrs Patience, Mrs Fairley & Mrs Warner



Mrs Amy Fairley

Mr Michael Wanty


Peripatetic Staff                    

Brass Teacher                     Mr Adderson                                 

Woodwind Teacher              Miss Vanns