Sledmere Staff

Staff responsibilities are listed in brackets. Those starred **are not directly employed by the school, but are still staff members as far as the school is concerned.

Executive Headteacher: Mr Peter Richardson (Designated Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour, Staff Development)

Senior Teacher: Mrs Cousins (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Teaching staff

Mrs Cousins            Class 1 teacher (FS1/FS2 & Y1  EYFS Manager Sledmere, RE Coordinator, Collective Worship Coordinator)

Mrs Campbell        Class 2 teacher (Y2/3)

Mrs Shier                 Class 3 teacher (Y4/5/6)

Mr Wood **             Sports Development Officer (PE Coordinator)

Mrs Rookes**          Music Teacher (Music Coordinator)



Support staff:

School Business Manager      Mrs Thurlow (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

School Admin Officer              Mrs Padam

Teaching Assistants               Miss Preston (Nursery Nurse) and Mr Hughes                         

Mid-day Supervisors              Miss Scurry, Mrs Clark, Mrs Warner and Mr Hughes

Kitchen Assistant/Server        Mrs Thomas, Mrs Potts

Breakfast/ASC Supervisors   Miss Scurry, Miss Preston and Mr Hughes

Cleaner/Caretaker                 Mr Wanty


Peripatetic Staff:

Guitar Teacher                    Mrs Rooke                                 

Woodwind Teacher              Miss Vanns