Welcome to Class 2!

Class 2 is a mixed class of Year 2 and Year 3 children. We are an incredibly hard working and friendly group!
Our class teacher is Mr Millington and our assistant teachers are Mrs Patience and Mrs Bollon. We are always available and more than happy to help with anything we can.
Our topic this term is 'Amazing Africa'. Take a look below at our overview to see exactly what we are learning about!

Spring Term

If you have taken a look at our overview then you will have a pretty good idea of what we have been up to. Please take a look below to see some of the things we have been doing in school during the first half term.

We can't wait to let you know what we will be doing this half term as well. We hope to share more pictures soon.


During the first half of this term, our science topic has been materials. We also needed to draw on our previous learning of forces through this unit.

We started off by looking at different properties of materials. We wanted to see the varition in elasticity. As a class, we conducted an experiment to see how balls made from different materials would bounce when dropped from a certain height. This allowed us to see how how quickly they returned to their original shape. The next experiment we carried out was seeing the maximum amount of elasticity in different fabrics.

We have also looked at strengths of materials by seeing which would be best for a bridge. Our aim was to see which material could hold the most weights before collapsing. We did this experiment twice, as the first time we secured the materials and thought that this didn't show a true represenation of what the materials could hold. When we did it again we were very surprised by the results. Cardboard held 2840g and plastic held 3340g!
We also tested the strengths of different papers by attaching a plastic wallet with a paperclip to the materials and filling them with weights. Card held a huge 1.15kg!
Finally, we made bridges with paper. We needed to make them strong and sturdy enough to hold a toy car. The teamwork we used to complete this project was excellent.

Religious Education

So far in RE this term, we have been looking at places that are special to us and things that are precious to us. We came up with some lovely ideas and found that between us we had a wide range of different places that mean something to us as individuals. We discussed that it is not just objects that are precious to us, but people, places and memories as well.

We have also been looking at the creation stories from different religions and discussing their similarities and differences.

On Tuesdays, we are lucky enough to have the wonderful people from Open the Book come into school and lead our collective worship. Some of us have even been invited to join them in acting out bible stories. Here are a few pictures of some of us joining in rebuilding Jerusalem with the Israelites. This tied in beautifully with our Christian value of perseverance this half term.

Autumn Term!

Below is a selection of just some of the different activities from the Autumn term. We hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we enjoyed doing them!


In science, our first term was all about magnets and forces. We carried out a variety of different experiments to see how we could test them.
We looked at friction and tested how well cars moved on different materials.
We certainly did a lot with magnets! We carried out experiments to see how strong they were by testing how many paperclips they could attract and whether they could still attract magnetic objects through different barriers.
We also explored how the different poles on magnets can attract and repel each other. We tested this by attaching one magnet to a toy car and using another magnet to move the car forwards and backwards. The different poles on the magnets allowed us to attract the cars forward and repel them back.


Our most recent maths units have been geometry, multiplication and division, and measure.

In geometry we were investigating different shapes and their properties. We created our own 2D and 3D shapes using a variety of materials. We also looked at angles and rotation. To explore angles in the real world, we created our own right angle finders and went on a right angle hunt!

In multiplication and division, we used a range of concrete resources to represent our times tables. We used our multiplication and division skills to work out all sorts of practical, pictoral and abstract problems.

In measure we have been investigating all the different things we can measure, the units we need to use and the appropriate equipment to do this with.

Religious Education

In RE we have been looking at Christianity and how God teaches us to be good people.
We have also been looking at Hinduism and comparing how the Hindu faith teaches people how to be good citizens. We explored the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan. The festival is all about brotherhood, friendship and love. Hindus give out bracelets called rakhis as gifts to one another to celebrate their relationship. We created our own to give to someone we care about.